Poster Showcase

June 9 & 10, 2021 — Throughout the day

APEGA recognizes the importance of providing a forum to showcase innovative research, interesting projects, and notable work in the fields of engineering and geoscience.

We are excited to launch our first ever virtual poster showcase and invite submissions of abstracts for posters.

The online format allows for more variety of content than a typical poster session. Posters will be a combination of text, images, video, slides, and downloadable resources.

Posters will be available for viewing throughout the APEGA Nexus Conference on June 9 & 10, 2021.

Call for Abstracts

Showcase your brilliant work at the APEGA Nexus Conference

Are you interested in showcasing your work as part of our virtual poster showcase? You have until April 14 to submit an abstract! There is no cost to participate.

The APEGA Nexus Conference Committee is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts for posters from academia* and industry that demonstrate innovative research, interesting projects, and notable work in the fields of engineering and geoscience.

*Includes faculty and students, individually or as a group

How to Submit an Abstract

Poster abstracts should be at most 500 words and must include the presenter contact information. (For group submissions, please identify one contact.) The abstract should briefly describe the objectives of the current work, accomplishments or results to date, and future plans. Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format.

Poster Abstract Template

  • Title
  • Presenting authors
  • Organization
  • Contact information (one person only for group submissions)
  • Abstract (summary of the project)
  • Save document as: firstname_lastname.pdf

Disclaimer: The virtual poster showcase is open access. We strongly recommend that proprietary information is not included on the poster and the abstract.

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to April 14, 2021. Limit one submission per presenter.

Submit your abstract

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: April 14, 2021

Poster selection (notification date): April 19, 2021

Content submission deadline: May 10, 2021

APEGA Nexus Conference (including virtual poster showcase): June 9 & 10, 2021

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Poster Selection Process

All abstracts will be reviewed by the conference content committee, and those selected for inclusion in the virtual poster showcase will be notified by April 12, 2021.

Submissions will be selected based on:

  • Project details, results offered, and insights to be learned
  • Relevance and timeliness of the topic

Submitting Your Poster

If your abstract is accepted for the virtual poster showcase, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to submit your poster content. All approved applications will receive guidance from APEGA staff on how to prepare the poster for the event.

A platform called ON24 will be used to display your information. This differs from a typical poster presentation where the information is displayed as a poster or PDF and the presenter speaks about the content.

For the APEGA Nexus Conference poster showcase, poster sessions will not be conducted as live presentations. Each virtual poster will have its own web page with six content areas:

  • Poster Title: Name of your project or research
  • Presentation: Provide content of your project or research in a PowerPoint presentation. This can be supplemented with a video such as a voice-over PowerPoint video, video of you speaking about the project, or videos of the project. The presentation (slides and any videos) must be no longer than 9 minutes in duration.
  • Contact information: List information on the individuals or team involved. Provide contact information for one person only per group submission. Email address is required. Select two of the following options: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and website URL. Presenters are encouraged to include contact information so attendees can send questions or comments on the work presented, but the information doesn’t have to be made visible.
  • Abstract/Summary: Text explaining your project or research
  • Image: One photo of the project, graph, or chart to explain your project or research
  • Resources: Opportunity to provide additional information on your project or research that people can download. This can include a typical poster. Formats accepted: PDF, Word documents, and URLs.

All content areas are mandatory.

The deadline for submitting your poster content is May 10, 2021.

poster showcase template
Click to view the Poster Showcase Template

Detailed specifications and instructions will be provided to presenters when their poster has been selected for inclusion.