How to Convince Your Boss

Preparation is key to persuasion and in demonstrating how attending a session or conference will benefit your organization. Below are a few ways to help your supervisor understand the value of attending one or more professional development sessions at the APEGA Nexus Conference.

Step 1: Provide your top 3–5 reasons for attending

Examples may include partaking in valuable networking opportunities, discovering different professional perspectives, learning to think critically about your work, and obtaining advice from others in your field. You can share the value of the education you’ll receive, explain the relevance of the sessions and the guest speakers to your role, and talk about the opportunity to earn continuing professional development credit to maintain your APEGA license.

Step 2: Outline a list of sessions you would like to attend

Explain how each session will benefit your contribution to the organization. Consider who will be in the room with you. Is there a speaker you would like to network with? Does the audience consist of people who would bring value to your personal network or your business contacts?

Step 3: Learn about the speakers and sessions

Become familiar with how the sessions align with your organization’s objectives and strategic plan. Select sessions that will help you meet these goals.

Step 4: Write a formal request to your boss

Consider writing an email to your supervisor outlining all the benefits of attending, such as the one below:

A Sample Letter to Your Supervisor

Good morning/afternoon [insert name here],

I am writing to obtain your permission to attend the upcoming APEGA Nexus Conference from June 5–6, 2024. The conference will have three keynote speakers and 25 sessions focusing on the following:

  • Protection
  • Progress
  • Productivity
  • Potential
  • Purpose

The sessions I am most interested in attending are [insert session titles here]. By attending these sessions, I will learn [insert expected learnings].

Attending the conference will be a good professional development opportunity for me, and the learnings I obtain will bring value to our organization. The conference website is

The cost to attend is [insert here]. After attending the conference, I would be happy to share what I’ve learned with others during a meeting or lunch session.

I am happy to discuss this with you further at your convenience.

Best regards,

[Your name here]