Competency-Based Hiring: Candidate Evaluation, Organizational Results, and Innovation

June 9, 2022 — 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Unconscious bias and discriminatory hiring practices continue to be barriers to the meaningful participation of women and other members of marginalized groups in the workforce. One step that organizations and hiring managers can take toward inclusion, and in turn improving business performance and outcomes, is to review their hiring processes to remove barriers to opportunity and increase access to top talent and a more diverse and representative applicant pool.

In this presentation, Mohamed El Daly, P.Eng., will explore findings on the proven implications for organizational performance and innovation that a diverse workforce provides. El Daly will:

  • discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different applicant evaluation methods
  • deconstruct the applicant journey, providing key focus areas to debias at each step
  • examine biases that come into play in evaluation and hiring decisions and provide guidance on how to interrupt these biases and prevent them from becoming embedded into organizational processes, procedures, and policies
  • discuss recommendations for easy wins that can be implemented by individuals, hiring managers, and other participants at each stage of the applicant journey that will not only yield better predictions of future performance, but also reduce incidences of bias, and in the long term reduce costs of attrition

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