Eavor Loop Technology

Where are We Now?

June 8, 2023 — 12:45-2:00 p.m.

The energy industry is facing an unprecedented challenge to transition towards sustainable and carbon-neutral sources of energy. One promising solution to this problem is geothermal energy, which has the potential to provide a reliable and renewable source of energy for generations to come. However, the traditional methods of harnessing geothermal energy are limited by high costs, site-specific challenges, and environmental concerns.

Eavor Technology has developed a breakthrough technology to address these challenges. The Eavor-Loop is an extremely deep, industrial-scale geo-exchange system that provides highly predictable and reliable energy. Multilateral wells are drilled several kilometres deep and connected to form a closed loop. A working fluid circulates throughout the system and heat is transferred from the rock to the working fluid via conduction. The heated fluid naturally flows to surface due to a thermosiphon effect. At surface, the heat is extracted and the fluid is recirculated, completing the closed loop.

Join us to learn about Eavor’s technology, our progress to date, and our plans going forward.

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