Fire – Earth – Water: Resource Conflicts

June 6, 2024 — 12:45–2:00 p.m.

Nature is not benign. It provides all life unequally with sustenance to each generation of occupants of the Earth. Earth responds circularly to its central power, Sol. In turn (literally), Sol reacts in conjunction with the other debris that forms the Milky Way Galaxy. Sol and its Earthly inhabitants are obliged to respect the laws of celestial mechanics as modified by statistics, electro-magnetism, strong and weak forces of gravity, and fluid mechanics. If you respect these laws, you will be rewarded by a long and happy life — for the most part. If not, the penalties are severe.

Forest fires, avalanches, debris flows, earthquakes, floods, and droughts are scary natural events that can persist for weeks over thousands of hectares, cause great loss of life, and scar landscapes permanently.

In this presentation, I will attempt to explain the interconnectedness of natural things and how we can present the risk to individuals, economic sectors, and society, while balancing risks and benefits and resulting fears and greed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Fire your curiosity and imagination about the waters and woodlands landscapes of the East Slopes Region of Alberta and adjoining British Columbia.
  2. Assess the potential for conflict among natural resources users and the public as you plan and promote your project.
  3. With this knowledge, encourage respect for the rights and privileges of other users while conserving the landscape we all know and love as you make your next development plan for any part of the region.

The presentation is guided by the APEGA Code of Ethics.

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