How AI Builds Trust in Your Team

June 6, 2024 — 12:45–2:00 p.m.

How to build trust in the modern world? This workshop is designed for leaders and trusted team members who want to build a pattern of positive and engaging partnerships in their teams and organization. We will provide you with a proven toolkit of techniques and practices, along with examples of how to navigate crucial conversations, and bring about better patterns of familiarity, vulnerability, and trust. This workshop is ideal for all leaders and aspiring leaders. Whether you lead a team of one, 10, or 10,000, this workshop will give you the exact tools you need to become a trustworthy and honourable leader in any business context.

Learning Objectives

For every leader:

  • Learn the Familiarity > Vulnerability > Trust framework for building high quality relationships
  • Learn the five key questions that excellent leaders use to solve every team problem
  • Learn a proven mentality and pattern for building continually deeper levels of trust

For leaders with large teams or who aspire to lead large teams:

  • Learn the principle metric used for measuring the quality of trust in a large team
  • Gain access to free tools for measuring the well-being of your team’s culture
  • Learn the AI-powered methodology for scaling this trust framework to any size organization

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