Inclusive Communication Practices:

Empowering Others Through a Coach Approach

June 8, 2023 — 12:45-2:00 p.m.

In the workplace, collaboration through effective communication can help project team members and leaders reduce mistakes, resolve challenging situations, negotiate, and build quality relationships.

Communication is not a passive process. It takes effort and concentration. When done right, powerful and positive communication can cultivate understanding and demonstrate to others that you care about their message.

In this session, Dr. Johanna Pagonis will explain what it means to collaborate actively and communicate powerfully through a coach approach of humble inquiry, which she calls the CATHI approach. The CATHI approach will equip participants with the skills to improve their listening skills, increase their empathy, and manage conflict while strengthening relationships with clients and key stakeholders.

The goal of the session is to create brave leaders who show up authentically, encourage comfort in discomfort, foster psychological safety, and enable others to respond to challenges and conflict with compassion and curiosity.

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