Keynote Presentation

The Power of Play

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It may sound dramatic, but without play we risk our very survival. Why is play so important? Why is play so pervasive throughout nature and all species of life on earth?

Play is how we adapt. Adaptability is the key to survival and success.

For people of every age, play is directly linked to the development of the brain’s prefrontal cortex—the brain region responsible for discriminating relevant from irrelevant information, innovating, making decisions, monitoring and organizing our thoughts and feelings, delaying gratification, and planning for the future. This development directs our highest levels of thinking and functioning. Our need to play is so important that the impulse to play is just as fundamental as our impulse to sleep or eat.

In this fascinating talk, Dr. Shimi Kang will present the science of the seven different types of play, the diversity of play personalities, and how to use play to improve your personal and professional life through more innovation, connection, resilience, and achievement.

“Play is our highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

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