Navigating the Storm: Effective Conflict Management

June 5, 2024 — 12:45–2:00 p.m.

Say goodbye to stressful conflicts! Join Erin Thorp, a seasoned coach and author specializing in conflict management, in this interactive workshop that will redefine your approach to handling tension. Whether in the workplace or personal life, conflicts can be challenging, but this session provides you with essential skills to transform them into productive dialogues. Learn to identify key aspects of conflict, differentiate between intent and impact, and navigate through emotions to foster understanding. Gain practical strategies for staying in dialogue and moving towards effective resolutions.

The workshop provides participants with the tools to confidently address and resolve conflicts in any situation. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn conflict into an opportunity for growth and positive change. This workshop can provide a chance to practice conflict management with live feedback depending on the delivery method.

Learning Objectives

Identify and analyze conflict dynamics: Participants will develop the ability to recognize key aspects of conflicts, including underlying factors and contributing elements. They will learn to analyze conflict dynamics, differentiating between the intended message and its impact on individuals and relationships.

Navigate emotions and communication roadblocks: Attendees will acquire skills to navigate emotions during conflicts and effectively communicate without succumbing to stress or tension. This objective focuses on breaking down communication roadblocks and understanding how emotions influence the conflict resolution process.

Apply practical conflict resolution strategies: Participants will gain practical strategies for resolving conflicts, staying in dialogue, and moving towards constructive actions. This objective emphasizes the application of conflict resolution techniques in real-life scenarios, empowering participants to handle conflicts confidently.

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