Persuasive Negotiation

June 8, 2022 — 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Negotiation is an important part of our everyday lives, both personal and professional. It affects our work, career, and effectiveness in helping clients and co-workers discover optimal solutions for their problems. Contrary to what pop culture tells us, the best negotiators aren’t hard-nosed bullies—they’re outstanding relationship-builders. Skillful negotiators leverage collaboration, empathy, and flexibility to create new possibilities for agreement. They understand the principle of give-and-take, helping the other party reach their goals while still standing firm within their own boundaries. In this powerhouse session, communication expert Lauren Sergy will take you on an eye-opening shift in how you perceive and approach negotiation. With energy, humour, and candour, Sergy will dig into different aspects of negotiation while leading you through practical activities to get you flexing your negotiation muscles right away.

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