Project Leaders’ Guide for Dealing with Contractual Disputes

June 8, 2023 — 12:45-2:00 p.m.

Projects are increasingly competitive and complex, delivered in risky and sometimes adversarial environments. Many projects are facing considerable claims and disputes, along with increasing difficulty in resolving such disputes in an effective, timely, and economic manner. Valuable resources are diverted towards the preparation of claims, settlement of disputes, and participation in arbitration or litigation. The net result is time wasted in a non-value-added effort.

In this presentation, Dr. George Jergeas, P.Eng., will provide a list of the causes of claims and disputes on engineering and construction projects, as an understanding of the primary causes of project claims enables recommendations for their avoidance to be drawn.

The main focus of the presentation will be on discussing a detailed list of 37 recommended practices for managing and preparing for disputes. If implemented, these recommendations should reduce the likelihood of disputes during the construction phase of complex major capital projects.

Dr. Jergeas will also discuss a formula for preparing and evaluating construction claims and assessing construction delays on major capital projects.

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