Shifting Sands of Digital Trust and Document Authentication

June 6, 2024 — 12:45–2:00 p.m.

This session explores the transformative landscape of engineering authentication. With cyber threats evolving, the industry has been pivoting away from traditional copying and pasting of images towards robust, adaptive cryptographic solutions. This shift signifies a critical re-evaluation of trust in the digital space, championing innovative, resilient authentication strategies to safeguard sensitive engineering data against the ever-shifting threats of the digital age.

This 75-minute session will focus on the transformative landscape of engineering authentication.

  1. Introduction to engineering authentication: Overview of traditional authentication methods, the importance of securing engineering data, and the catalysts for change in digital trust.
  2. Evolving cyber threats: Examination of the latest cyber threats, how they have undermined previous authentication methods, and the impact on engineering data security.
  3. Cryptographic solutions in authentication: Deep dive into advanced cryptographic methods, including public key infrastructure (PKI), digital signatures, and encryption techniques used to secure electronic documents.
  4. Innovative authentication technologies: Exploration of cutting-edge technologies in the context of engineering data protection.
  5. Implementing a paradigm shift: Strategies for adopting new authentication methods within organizations, addressing the challenges of change management, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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