Unlocking the Passive Job Seeker’s Advantage: Building Career Resilience to Overcome Quiet Quitting

June 5, 2024 — 12:45–2:00 p.m.

In today’s dynamic job market, professionals are faced with the need to navigate evolving career landscapes while determining how to best explore new opportunities, make strategic career pivots, and, inevitably, respond to unforeseen terminations. Unfortunately, many professionals default into a space of quiet quitting, prioritizing professional security over career satisfaction. An alternative approach involves professionals taking charge of their career paths, embracing proactive career transition strategies rather than succumbing to the pitfalls of quiet quitting. Join Clementine Crooks, MA, BA, CPHR, co-owner of Resume Restoration, as we explore the signs and consequences of quiet quitting and discuss strategies every professional should implement to take ownership of their career and professional advancement.

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