Amit Banerjee, P.Eng.

    Amit Banerjee, P.Eng.Amit Banerjee, P.Eng., is the director, registration operations at APEGA, and is based out of Edmonton. All individuals and companies seeking registration to practise engineering, geoscience, or both in Alberta must apply through APEGA’s Registration Department. APEGA receives around 5,000 applications per year, with 20 per cent to 25 per cent of them coming from internationally trained applicants. In his role, Banerjee manages a team of around 30 people to deliver APEGA’s registration programs. He works closely with applicants and other agencies to remove or reduce the barriers to licensure. He also works closely with other Canadian jurisdictions on various national initiatives related to engineering and geoscience regulations. Prior to joining APEGA in June 2016, Banerjee spent more than 15 years working for the Government of Alberta (Ministry of Environment) and the Alberta Energy Regulator, with a focus on the environmental regulation of industrial and municipal activities.

    Banerjee holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from India, and a couple of master’s degrees in environmental engineering from the University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta. He is passionate about community service and volunteers with several community organizations.

    Amit Banerjee presents: Roles & Responsibilities of Validators: Competency-Based Assessment for Evaluating Experience for Licensure in Alberta

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