Dan Riskin, PhD

How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence

    Dan Riskin

    A renowned evolutionary biologist, award-winning television presenter, and bestselling author, Dan Riskin has dedicated his career to igniting curiosity in audiences worldwide. Whether he’s inspiring viewers as the co-host of Discovery Canada’s flagship science program, Daily Planet; terrifying them as the host of Animal Planet’s docu-horror show, Monsters Inside Me; or covering the latest news as CTV’s science and technology specialist, Riskin’s passion and curiosity have made him an unparalleled source of science inspiration for all.

    Riskin earned his scientific chops studying how bats move — famously putting vampire bats on a treadmill as part of his research. He earned his PhD from Cornell University, then worked as a scientist at Brown University and Boston University. Not only has he published his research in prestigious scientific journals, but he is also the author of the national bestseller Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You, and of the delightful and educational children’s book, Fiona the Fruit Bat.

    Renowned for his infectious humour and charismatic presence, Riskin has been interviewed about science by Anderson Cooper, Gayle King, Lisa LaFlamme, Don Lemon, Jay Leno, Charlie Rose, Peter Sagal, and many others. Craig Ferguson, who had Riskin as a guest on The Late Late Show eight times, once called him “my favourite scientist.”

    By stoking a childlike passion, Riskin gives audiences so much more than scientific “wow” facts. His keynotes, like his television shows, help individuals see their own curiosity in a new light, pursue their interests with more vigour, and tap into a deeper sense of inspiration. He will spark your audience’s passions, leaving them invigorated to embark on their own journeys of exploration and discovery.