Debjani Biswas, BS, MBA, MS

Internationally bestselling author TEDx and Keynote Speaker

Debjani Biwas, B.Sc., MBA, MSOD

Debjani Biswas has a unique background in engineering, emotional intelligence, and diversity thought leadership. She is an NAPW Woman of the Year and the winner of the 2017 GDAACC Diversity Beyond Boundaries Award in Journalism. Debjani is the international bestselling author of Unleash the Power of Diversity, Miserably Successful No More, and #UsToo: Bridging the Global Gender Gap. She is also a two-time TEDx speaker, having presented “But you don’t look like an engineer!” and “#UsToo—Common Ground on Gender Bias” (141,000+ views!), as well as a STEM advocate and thought leader. She holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering, a master of business administration, and a master of science in organization development. Debjani believes inclusion is key to professional and academic success. Her original diversity and inclusion frameworks are used in more than 20 countries. She is the CEO and founder of Coachieve LLC, which specializes in inclusive power leadership. Debjani is a sought-after conference and large-event keynote speaker, and a trusted advisor to CEOs. She is regularly featured in the media for her gender equity expertise (ESPN, CBS, iHeart Radio), and her op ed “The Gender Gap in STEM” was recently published in the Dallas Morning News.

Session: But You Don’t Look Like an Engineer! Boldly Shattering Tired Gender Stereotypes in STEM