Erin Thorp

    Erin ThorpErin Thorp (she/her) is an empathic keynote speaker, writer, and coach for leaders who struggle with conflict, communication, and performance during high-stress times. She supports leaders in navigating difficult conversations, building powerful teams, and communicating with empathy so they can lead confidently. During her 20 years spent leading teams and delivering projects in the male-dominated engineering and construction industries, Thorp noticed that her colleagues were highly skilled and cared deeply about their work, but most were incapable of fully holding their own emotions and therefore unable to hold the emotions of others.
    After being told time and time again she was “too emotional” and to “pull herself together,” she realized there was a big gap in what was being taught to technical leaders. She knew that skills often categorized as “soft”—connection, empathy, vulnerability—are actually the most difficult to learn and are key to creating leaders who make an impact in their personal lives, their companies, and the world. At the beginning of the pandemic, Thorp did even more self-reflection and observation of the way leaders were treating their employees. Whether they were large corporations or entrepreneurs, she noticed the same patterns and ultimately decided to take matters into her own hands. She is now running her leadership business full-time.
    Thorp holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering from the University of Calgary and is an associate certified coach through Integral Coaching Canada. She currently resides in Calgary with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she enjoys curling up with a book and cooking with her family.

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