Evelyn Ackah, BA, LLB

Canada-NAFTA-U.S. Immigration Lawyer

Evelyn Ackah, BA, LLB

Evelyn L. Ackah is a Canada-NAFTA-U.S. immigration lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in corporate and business immigration. Evelyn is the founder and managing lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law and is a noted cross-border business expert, speaker, writer, and media source.

As an immigrant from Ghana, I understand the immigration process on a deep, emotional level. Our society isn’t colour-blind—and it shouldn’t be. Children need to be proud of their heritage and celebrate their differences. Growing up in Canada as an immigrant gave me a strong foundation to pursue my career goals, even when there were few role models who looked like me. As a Black woman in law, I’ve always stood out and people have always remembered me because I am so visible. Rather than shrinking from that high visibility, I decided to turn it into a positive. I always wear brightly coloured suits and bold accessories and try hard not to look like a traditional navy-wearing lawyer, and it works for me. I feel confident and am able to focus on building relationships and being approachable. I never worry that I don’t look like I fit in. As a lawyer, I’m selling my skills and services to my clients. I don’t only represent myself, but I also represent my law firm. It’s critical that I project success and confidence and knowledge so that Ackah Law’s clients know I will use my skills and experience to help them achieve their goals. At Ackah Law, we don’t sell dreams, we sell success.

Ackah Business Immigration Law is a boutique immigration law firm based in Calgary, Alberta, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that serves clients from all over the world. Our team helps businesses and individuals cross borders seamlessly into Canada and the United States.

Corporate immigration is about people and the businesses that hire them. We transform lives by creating immigration opportunities for people to live their dreams, expand their businesses, and create a legacy for future generations.

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