Dr. George Jergeas, P.Eng., PhD

Project Management and Leadership Coach

    Dr. George Jergeas, P.Eng., PhD

    George is a civil engineer with a master of science and a doctorate in construction management from Loughborough University, UK, with more than 45 years of industry and academic experience. He served as a professor of project management at the University of Calgary from 1994 to 2020.

    George has a strong passion for increasing the efficiency and competency of teams delivering major engineering and construction projects. His areas of expertise include project governance, assurance and readiness, risk management, project execution planning, contract strategies, partnering and collaborative relationships, claims and disputes with a focus on dispute resolution, and project management training and coaching. George’s partnering methodology has been successfully implemented on more than 180 projects across North America.

    George has delivered project management training, leadership coaching, and consulting services to professional associations and companies across North America, Asia, and Europe.

    Session: The Road to Calamity: The Golden Rules for Unsuccessful Projects