Heather Kaminsky, P.Eng., PhD

    Heather Kaminsky, P.Eng., PhDDr. Heather Kaminsky, P.Eng., is the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada industrial research chair for colleges in oil sands tailings management. She has a doctorate and co-op bachelor of science in materials engineering and has more than 10 years of expertise post-graduation in advanced ore characterization, fundamentals of tailings, water treatment, and the impact of clay minerals on oil extraction and tailings. Dr. Kaminsky has a passion for clays and tailings and is working toward solving tailings as an issue for the oilsands industry. In 2019, she was selected as a SheInnovator in Alberta in recognition of her work on solving complex challenges in our province.

    Heather Kaminsky presents: The State of Oil Sands Fluid Fine Tailings

    The State of Oil Sands Fluid Fine Tailings Details