Jean Parker, BBA, B.Ed., ACC

Online Leadership Coach, Change Insurgent, and CFO

    Jean Parker, BBA, B.Ed., ACC

    Jean Parker is an online leadership coach, change insurgent, and CFO with over 26 years’ experience driving profitability through change in organizations, with 16 of those years as a CFO. She honed her leadership skills at General Electric and then worked in multiple industries, including automotive and garment manufacturing, oilfield distribution, and tech. She led organizations through growth and change, focusing on strategy, creative solutions, acquisitions, reorganizations, development of people, and process improvement. In addition, Jean is an innovative facilitator with more than 10 years’ experience developing and implementing experiential learning.

    As a certified professional coach, she helps leaders, individually and in groups, step successfully into leadership. Jean coaches leaders because as a CFO, despite successfully building companies and excelling at innovative and challenging work, she became disconnected, a lone wolf.

    As a result, she is now passionate about helping emerging and evolving leaders complement their strong technical skill base with dynamite leadership skills that will allow them to connect, collaborate, innovate, and develop engaged, productive teams. 

    Session: 5 Keys to Getting Results from Your Team