Johanna Pagonis, PhD

Inclusive Communication Practices: Empowering Others Through a Coach Approach

    Dr. Johanna Pagonis is the CEO and founder of Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting and the author of Choose to Be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow. Dr. Pagonis launched Sinogap Solutions after recognizing many habitual workplace challenges while in her role as a manager. These familiar obstacles included a lack of managerial training, limited access to mentors, and dealing with unpredictable challenges while maintaining an air of confidence, even though doubt crept into her mind.

    Dr. Pagonis recognized she was not alone in her struggles since many of her managerial colleagues shared in these common tribulations. Her workplace experiences contributed to her attaining a doctorate in adult education, with a focus on uncovering how workplace managers can advance into emotionally intelligent leaders. The discoveries she made inspired her to quit her senior manager position with the Government of Alberta and launch her own business.

    Since the full-time establishment of Sinogap Solutions in 2020, Dr. Pagonis’s firm has worked with more than 50 companies to develop customized leadership programs that have successfully equipped supervisors and managers with the skills necessary to maximize the human potential within their teams.