Ken Cameron, MFA, BA &
Israel Peck, MBA

How AI Builds Trust in Your Team

    Ken Cameron, MFA, BA Israel Peck, MBA

    Ken Cameron and Israel Peck are a Calgary-based duo who deliver a unique cocktail of strategy consulting, software automation, leadership coaching, and artificial intelligence. Together with their team at Cratic Ai, they offer programs and tools to help any size organization build the safest place for ideas to grow. Their goal is to have more interesting conversations that lead to true breakthroughs.

    Israel has eight years of leading transformation work with numerous large clients, including some of Calgary’s largest O&G companies, mining companies in Africa, and financial institutions in the United States, as well as health care, pharmaceutical, and technology companies around the world.

    Ken has almost 20 years of leadership experience running workshops and training designed to break the “upper limit” of teams’ interpersonal dynamics and business goals, and has delivered numerous programs to the City of Calgary’s leadership teams as well as dozens of other known companies. He is an award-winning playwright, facilitator, and leadership coach, trusted by Fortune 500 clients across Canada.