Landon Woods, P.Geo., M.Sc.

Modern Geophysical Methods Applied to Rural Groundwater Development

    Landon Woods, P.Geo., M.Sc.Landon Woods is a professional geoscientist licensed in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. He has 14 years of experience applying near-surface geophysics to geotechnical, environmental, and hydrogeology projects. Landon received his B.Sc. in applied and environmental geology and his M.Sc. in hydrogeology from the University of Calgary. His main interest is in applying near-surface geophysics to groundwater problems, particularly using resistivity, electromagnetic, and seismic techniques to address groundwater supply and contamination challenges. This interest has led him to work on shared problems in unique regions of Alberta, British Columbia, East Africa, and California. The common thread in these regions is the reliance rural populations place on groundwater as a clean drinking water source, and the knowledge gaps with aquifer geometry, hydraulic connection, and extents. Landon has participated in four humanitarian groundwater supply projects in East Africa using geophysical methods as exploration tools for siting water well drilling locations. These same methods are also applicable to aquifer mapping on the drought-stricken Canadian Prairies. The low snowpack, dry sloughs, and empty dugouts observed on the family farm where he grew up, in the special areas of Alberta, are reminders of the current drought and its impacts.