Lise Stansky, BA, CCDP

Managing Your Career Health

    Lise Stansky, BA, CCDP

    Navigating a career involves knowledge, curiosity, flexibility, empathy, support, and compassion. As a certified career development professional (CCDP) for over 19 years, Lise Stransky uses all of these skills, strengths, and more to help her clients manage the lifelong process of career and career decisions.

    Before launching her career advising business, Careers That Work For You, Lise worked for the University of Guelph, University of Calgary, CGA Alberta, University of Calgary career services, and as a travel writer for the Canadian Automobile Association. Now, she provides one-on-one career advising, ensuring people have the career clarity they need to manage their career health.

    A skilled, engaging, and knowledgeable facilitator, Lise presents career information with depth, breadth, and humour.

    Lise believes work should be meaningful and that what is meaningful differs from one person to the next. This is the philosophy that guides her work as she partners with clients who seek career clarity for their own career health.