Prof. Maydianne CB Andrade, PhD, FRCGS

Award-winning teacher, researcher, and science outreach educator

    Maydianne Andrade, PhDAs the vice-dean of faculty affairs and equity at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), professor Maydianne Andrade shows the strength diversity brings to an organization by actively promoting the hiring, retention, and success of a diverse and inclusive faculty. In her informative and eye-opening talks, she speaks to the harm that unconscious biases have on individuals and organizations, and she provides techniques and solutions to resolve and mitigate those negative effects to create more positive and fair workplaces.

    Dr. Andrade earned her doctorate in neurobiology and behaviour from Cornell University and has been a professor at UTSC for more than 20 years, becoming the vice-dean of faculty affairs and equity in 2017. In this role, she advises on academic equity issues and faculty advancement, promotions, mentorship, and recognition, and she oversees all academic human resource matters, including the selection and training of dean’s assessors, labour relations and grievances, and more. In 2019, Dr. Andrade received the Ludwik and Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize from the University of Toronto Alumni Association for her work initiating conversations about race, gender, and bias.

    In addition, Dr. Andrade is the founder and co-chair of the Toronto Initiative for Diversity and Excellence at the University of Toronto and the inaugural president of the Canadian Black Scientists Network. She is also the host of the podcast The New Normal, which explores how the disruption created by the pandemic may catalyze a more equitable society.

    An award-winning teacher, researcher, and science outreach educator, Dr. Andrade is also the Canada research chair in integrative behavioural ecology and a research associate at the Royal Ontario Museum, and she has been recognized for her distinguished contributions to research by the Animal Behavior Society. Her most recent science outreach efforts include acting as a guest host of CBC’s The Nature of Things. Dr. Andrade is also an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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