Michael Holmes, P.Eng.

Eavor Loop Technology – Where are We Now?

    Michael Holmes

    Michael Holmes is a professional engineer with nearly a decade of varied experience, including research and development, process optimization, development planning, and corporate strategy. He leads Eavor Technologies’ systems engineering and strategy departments, focusing on innovative technology development to commercialize and scale the company’s technology across its global prospect portfolio. Holmes’s team is accountable for the development and execution of Eavor’s technology road map, detailed engineering of commercial projects from front-end engineering design to execution, and development of the corporate strategy. He is Eavor’s technical subject matter expert for thermodynamic modelling and electricity-grid-capacity expansion modelling, a named inventor on many of Eavor’s patents, and lead or co-author on many of Eavor’s technical papers.

    Holmes graduated with first class honours from Queen’s University, where he was awarded the E.T. Sterne prize for the student with the highest aggregate standing in chemical engineering. In his spare time, Holmes is pursuing his chartered financial analyst designation, having already completed his Level 1 and Level 2 exams.