Paul Bauman, P.Eng., P.Geoph.

Escape Tunnels, Extermination Camps, and Geophysics – Archaeology of the Holocaust

    Paul Bauman, P.Eng., P.Geoph.Paul Baumann, based in Calgary, is a professional geophysicist and professional engineer with more than 35 years of geophysical exploration experience in the environmental, engineering, water resource, mining, oil and gas, humanitarian, and archaeology sectors. He created and continues to be the principal geophysicist of the Near Surface Geophysics group at BGC Engineering Inc. He has a B.Sc.E. in geological engineering from Princeton and an M.Sc. in earth sciences from the University of Waterloo. Some of his archaeo-geophysical projects have been featured in a number of movies and television documentaries, including the National Geographic Television special Finding Atlantis, two NOVA documentaries (Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land and Holocaust Escape Tunnel), Discovery Network’s Finding Escobar’s Millions, the recently released The Good Nazi, and the upcoming documentaries Deadly Deception at Sobibor and They Fought Back. Most recently, Paul and his colleagues have been carrying out investigations in Warsaw in support of the planned Warsaw Ghetto Museum, including on the iconic bunker of the Jewish resistance at Mila 18.