Simba Nyazika, B.Sc.(Psych), B.Sc.(Neuro)

The Future of Digital Mental Health

    Simba Nyazika, BSc(Psych)., BSc(Neuro)

    Simba believes good mental health is a basic human right. He currently holds degrees in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Alberta. In 2016, he published a peer-reviewed article on human attention and performance. He has over seven years of clinical experience as a behaviour consultant working with children, teenagers, and adults with various mental health challenges. In 2017, he successfully launched Cognilit, the world’s first mobile virtual reality-based brain training program. In 2019, he successfully oversaw the development of RehabVR, a cognitive rehabilitation program developed in partnership with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to support stroke recovery. As one of the co-founders of Lenica Research Group, Simba and his team work diligently to develop a neurocognitive platform to transform global mental health.