Tom Wilson

Behavioural Safety Advisor, Author of Moments of Impact

Tom WilsonOn November 16, 2008, Tom Wilson survived a violent and devastating plane crash, witnessing the death of seven of his friends and coworkers.

Tom has a unique and unlikely story of survival from that day, but his story does not end there. After a long and difficult physical and emotional recovery, Tom made it his passion to understand the actions and behaviours, including his own, that allowed the crash to happen.

In April 2015, Tom published his book, Moments of Impact, and launched a public-speaking career on behavioural safety. Moments of Impact is a gripping and visceral account of Tom’s survival story, focusing on his physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery and exploring the actions and behaviours of the pilot and passengers, which all contributed to this tragic and very preventable loss of life.

Session: Importance of Safety Procedures: Moments of Impact