Werner de Schaetzen, P.Eng., PhD

CEO/Founder of GeoAdvice Engineering Inc.

    Werner de Schaetzen, P.Eng., PhDDr. Werner de Schaetzen is a leading expert in computer modelling of water and wastewater systems. His work on genetic algorithm optimization applied to water systems has gained him international recognition and numerous awards and prizes. He is also the lead author of more than 30 papers published in international journals, conference proceedings, and internal research reports. Dr. de Schaetzen has conducted in-person training for more than 3,000 engineers in water and sewer systems modelling, optimization, and analysis in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He has also designed, implemented, and maintained several hydraulic-modelling software applications.

    He often peer reviews scientific journals, including Urban Water (U.K.) and the American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (U.S.). In 2010, Dr. de Schaetzen received the B.C. New-Canadian Entrepreneur Award in the environmental technology category. In 2016, he received the B.C. Water & Waste Association’s Excellence and Innovation in the Water and Waste Industry Award in the leadership and innovation category.